Fairy Trail

On a bank holiday Monday it can get very boring, especially for a toddler, so we decided to go on the Fairy Trail walk in a town near where I live. We went with my parents and younger brothers. fairy walk (19 of 19)

As soon as we got out of the car, and embarked on our magicial fairy trail walk, Caelum decided to go exploring for himself and ran ahead of me.

fairy walk (18 of 19)

Soon enough the running around got the better of him and wanted to be picked up. Of course, when his grandparents are around he doesn’t want me to go near him!

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We found many fairy doors adorned on all the beautiful trees. Caelum didn’t have much interest in them but his two uncles loved them. It soon became a game of who could find more!

fairy walk (10 of 19)fairy walk (9 of 19)

Once Caelum regained some of his energy again, he begged to be put back down so he could chase his uncles around!

fairy walk (7 of 19)

We got some ice cream afterwards and went home after a nice afternoon of chasing a toddler and counting fairy doors.



After a very lazy and relaxing Saturday morning we decided to take another walk in the park. We don’t usually get this much warm weather in Ireland so we need to make the most of it.

He soon found a soccer ball and played with it, kicking it and throwing it, laughing.

hfhgk (1 of 1)

Then he quickly moved towards the swings. He prefers to push and pull out of the swings, rather than swing on them.

park (6 of 8)park (5 of 8)

Of course no trip to the park is complete without a ride (or three) on the seesaw. He squealed with delight as he went up and down. But soon enough he started whining to get off as something else caught his eye.

park (8 of 8)park (1 of 8)

He, very bravely, wanted to attempt to  climb the ladder up to the big slide. As you would expect, he didn’t make it up but he still got to try.

park (2 of 8)

He took a stroll around the park, well, more of a run around while we raced to catch up with him. And after an hour well spent at our favourite place, and with a very happy toddler, we decided to leave.

park (7 of 8)

Morning at the Park

We woke up this morning at 8am. It was still really warm and sunny out so after we had our breakfast and tidied up the house we walked to the park.


Usually when we go to the Park there’s just us there because we go on week days early in the morning when all the kids would be in school. Caelum is usually very shy when there’s other kids around. However today when we went there was a big school group there. Surprisingly he still played and didn’t mind the other kids.


The playground things aren’t very suitable for Caelum’s age but there’s a lot of space to run around and play which is what he prefers to do.


After about 40 minutes of playing (and me chasing him around), we decided to leave and he wasn’t too happy about that. Now that he’s getting more comfortable being around other kids it will be a lot easier to take him to the park and other places when all the kids are on their summer holidays.



Preparing For Christmas


There are still 37 days left til Christmas and I have pretty much finished all my Christmas preparations! I am never usually this organised but this is my first Christmas with my son Caelum, and having a child makes me compelled to be even more organised than usual.

I bought all Caelum’s presents before Halloween which is really early but I wanted to get at least one thing out of the way! And today I finished buying Christmas decorations for our apartment. I have put up all the decorations except for the tree. (I’ll be doing that next week and I will have a post about my Christmas decorations).

I have all but 3 family members’ presents bought. I still have to get my mother, brother and sister something. But I will be finishing my Christmas present shopping in 2 weeks when I go up to Dublin.

I have also planned to make homemade truffles to gift to my extended family members and friends. I think it’s a fun and cheap gift to give and it’s something everyone will love. I am planning on making about 4 different types and I will also be making a post about that in mid December.

Since this is my first Christmas with my son I wanted to start a tradition with him. I have seen a lot of people post about “Christmas Eve Boxes” online and thought it would be great. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a box filled with things like Christmas PJs, chocolate, a DVD, a book and maybe something else small. Caelum will only be turning 1 year old 10 days after Christmas so he won’t understand it this year but I’m hoping he will still get to enjoy his gifts on Christmas Eve. Once I have finished putting together his box I will be making a post about that.

I am so excited for Christmas, especially since it’s my first Christmas with Caelum!

Have you finished preparing for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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