What Caelum Eats in a Day


Caelum usually eats the same thing every day for breakfast. Either Wheetabix or Ready Brek but right now his favourite is definitely Wheetabix with hot milk!

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One of Caelum’s favourite things to eat for lunch is scrambled egg and toast! A lot of parents find it hard to get their kids to eat eggs of any kind but Caelum loves eggs, especially scrambled egg. Although I know he might end up hating it when he gets older! I usually give him asparagus with it too but most of the time he will throw that on the floor. He’s not a big fan of vegetables!

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Caelum eats a variety of snack foods. He loves crisps! He would eat bag after bag of crisps if I let him. He also loves chocolate buttons, cereal bars, rice cakes, cookies and breadsticks. But not all of those are very nutritious or healthy which is why I love the new range of snacks for kids by Cow and Gate. They do a variety of fruit and vegetable flavoured snacks which is great to get extra nutrition into your kids. Caelum’s current favourites are the spinach breadsticks and the pear and berrie rice cakes. Caelum snacks a lot between meals which is why I love these so much!

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Caelum loves this cheesey broccoli pasta. We usually have it once a week for dinner. It is just pasta with melted cheese triangles and vegetables. As I said before he’s not a big fan of vegetables (unless they are hidden)¬†but he will eat broccoli. I also put corn in it because he loves corn! He also won’t eat cheese unless so this is a good way to get him to eat more cheese. He loves pasta a lot, he would probably eat a big bowl of plain pasta if I gave it to him.

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What I Eat in a Day

I’ve been vegetarian for 7 years and I eat a very varied diet. Here is an example of what I eat in a day!

Overnight Oats

This is a quick overnight oats recipe that I love! I try to eat it most mornings (when I remember to make it the night before). It’s a really healthy and cheap breakfast.



  • Uncooked rolled oats
  • Frozen fruit (any kind)
  • Fat free yogurt (any kind)

I think it’s easier to make this in a wine glass as it’s easier to layer it. First layer is the oats, then a layer of yogurt and then a layer of the frozen fruit. Fill the glass. Leave it in the fridge overnight and when you wake up it will have sunk down the glass a bit as the fruit has melted and the juices mixed through. Mix it all up, eat and enjoy!