What Caelum Eats in a Day


Caelum usually eats the same thing every day for breakfast. Either Wheetabix or Ready Brek but right now his favourite is definitely Wheetabix with hot milk!

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One of Caelum’s favourite things to eat for lunch is scrambled egg and toast! A lot of parents find it hard to get their kids to eat eggs of any kind but Caelum loves eggs, especially scrambled egg. Although I know he might end up hating it when he gets older! I usually give him asparagus with it too but most of the time he will throw that on the floor. He’s not a big fan of vegetables!

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Caelum eats a variety of snack foods. He loves crisps! He would eat bag after bag of crisps if I let him. He also loves chocolate buttons, cereal bars, rice cakes, cookies and breadsticks. But not all of those are very nutritious or healthy which is why I love the new range of snacks for kids by Cow and Gate. They do a variety of fruit and vegetable flavoured snacks which is great to get extra nutrition into your kids. Caelum’s current favourites are the spinach breadsticks and the pear and berrie rice cakes. Caelum snacks a lot between meals which is why I love these so much!

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Caelum loves this cheesey broccoli pasta. We usually have it once a week for dinner. It is just pasta with melted cheese triangles and vegetables. As I said before he’s not a big fan of vegetables (unless they are hidden) but he will eat broccoli. I also put corn in it because he loves corn! He also won’t eat cheese unless so this is a good way to get him to eat more cheese. He loves pasta a lot, he would probably eat a big bowl of plain pasta if I gave it to him.

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Caelum’s Toddler Bedtime Routine

Caelum has always had a very consistent bedtime routine. I always feel routine is very important in everyone’s life, whether you have children, or you are on your own. I love having a routine.

On this particular evening Caelum was having a very bad day with teething. I was also having a very bad day, dealing with his teething and his tantrums. Looking after a toddler on your own every day is tough enough without the added extra screaming, crying and tantrums. So I decided a bath would give us a both a small break.

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As we don’t have a proper bath in our apartment, he sits in this baby bath tub in front of the TV. He loves splashing around to the theme song of Fireman Sam, despite it being the 100th time he’s watched it that day. Whatever keeps him happy. And while he is enjoying himself in the tub, I can get a few minutes of reading in. I usually sit on the couch in front of him and read a book. Very relaxing.

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He loves his bath toys, especially his rubber duck and his squeaky bath book!

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After about 20 minutes of his bath time fun, I clean him up and wash his hair. This part he doesn’t enjoy as much but it has to be done!

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I then take my soaking wet, happy toddler out of the bath and dress him in clean PJs and put on his favourite Spiderman slippers. He really hates getting out of the bath, but who doesn’t?

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By this time he was in a much better mood! There was still about an hour left before his usual bed time of 8 pm so he played with his toys for a while. I always try and let him stay up as close as possible to his bed time and ware him out as much as I can beforehand.

He takes out his tub of Mr Potato Head toys and throws them around for a while…

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Then he plays his favourite game ever! Push the tractor off the table repeatedly until his mother is driven insane…

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Then he reads some of his favourite books…

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Now it’s that time of night to wind down with a big bottle of milk and a bedtime story…

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Goodnight Moon is his current favourite book for me to read to him at night…

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After I have read that once, or maybe twice, he is ready to drift to sleep all snuggled up in his bed.

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Caelum Loves to Read

IMG_4206-1Ever since Caelum was born I was always reading to him. Well, when I say “reading” to him, I was attempting to read to him. I’d get maybe one page in before he’d scream and throw the book away. He didn’t want to sit still to listen to me read or look at the pictures. But in the last 2 months he has developed a sudden love for books.

He always had a lot of books even when he wasn’t into them. I bought him a few, he got some as gifts and his uncles give him their books from when thIMG_4188-1.jpgey were younger. But since he’s started taking more of an interest in books, I have since bought him many more books and a toddler bookshelf.

He loves the bookshelf because he can see all the bright and colourful books straight away when he walks into his bedroom. He’s able to take them out and put them back in very easily. I got this bookshelf about 3 weeks ago in Aldi for only €30.

His favourite kinds of books are books which have characters from his favourite shows. Like Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse and Toy Story. He also loves the books with sound affects; he has The Gruffallo and Thomas the Tank Engine with sound affects. He also likes the bookIMG_4191-1s the small picture books that teach him numbers, animals and the alphabet.

Hopefully he continues with his love of books as he gets older!


Will Your Children Be Vegetarian Too?

The simple answer? No.

1I have been vegetarian for 6 years, since I was 13. Since I got pregnant with Caelum many people asked me would I make him vegetarian too and my answer was always no. My reason being, I want him to be able to make the choice when he’s old enough. I want him to be his own person and make his own decisions in life.

I became vegetarian because at the time I had stopped eating a lot of meat simply because I didn’t like it. I also started hearing a lot about animal cruelty and I didn’t want to be a part of that. So I just stopped one day, without much thought. My parents thought it was just a phase and were really shocked when I actually stuck to it, but they didn’t mind.

Now, I’m still against animal cruelty but I don’t think not eating meat really helps prevent anything so that’s no longer my reason for being vegetarian. My reason now is simply that it’s been way too long since I ate meat that I would feel weird doing so. I eat “fake meat”, like Quorn but I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I can still have meals with just vegetables.

Some people still think it’s odd that I’m actually willing to cook meat for my son since I don’t eat it. I live on my own so no one else would be around to cook it for him. Although, yes, I don’t really like the idea of cooking/touching meat but I’ll do it for my son because I believe it’s the healthiest and best option for him. He’s only 10 months old and needs all the vitamins, iron, protein etc., he can get right now while he’s growing. Humans are supposed to eat meat. It’s just the way it is. 2

I was also asked by someone, if I want him to make his own decisions, why not make him be vegetarian and then when he’s old enough to understand, he can then decide whether to eat meat or not? My answer to that is, that’s not really giving him a choice. He will grow up without eating meat so why would he suddenly start eating it? He won’t be used to the taste or texture of it. To get kids to eat certain foods, you usually have to introduce them at a young age otherwise he wouldn’t be used it and probably wouldn’t like it. Take eggs for example, if you don’t introduce eggs in to your babies diet and suddenly give your 3 or 4 year old a boiled egg, he probably won’t like it because it’s such a strong flavour and so different to what he usually eats.

Caelum has been eating meat since he started eating solids because I first started him on baby jars of dinner and most of them contain meat. Now that he’s older he’s starting to eat pieces of chicken, bacon, sausages etc. He loves it! I want him to be healthy and to eat a wide variety of foods so for now, I think it’s best he eats meat. When he’s older he can choose to eat whatever he wants.

What’s your opinion?

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10 Month Update


New things learned: He can say “mama” on purpose. He gives kisses all the time. He’s able to clap hands and wave. He’s starting to take steps if you hold his hands. He will try to copy anything you do – if I bang on the table he will do it too, if I put something in a bag, he will do it too. He’s still not crawling but he is getting around on his stomach by pushing himself along, like an Army crawl. He’s been doing this for about 2 months so I doubt he will ever crawl properly.

Eating: He’s been eating 3 meals a day for probably the last 3 months so he now only drinks around 3 bottles a day. His favourite foods are potatoes and carrots mashed together with gravy, pasta stars with pasta sauce and Weetabix. He also loves snacking on crisps and biscuits in between meals. He’s now able to drink from a cup so he often drinks juice out of that during the day.

Sleeping: In the last 2 months he’s gone quite backwards with his sleeping patterns. He was sleeping all night and had a set bed time but now it’s a bit all over the place. He could go to bed at 8 and not wake til 8 the next morning and other nights he won’t sleep till 11 and wake at 9. Once he goes to sleep he usually sleeps all night, though. I think it’s due to the fact that he is teething a lot.

Teeth: He has 5, almost 6 teeth now! He has 2 on the bottom since he was 7 months old and 3 came up on top over the last 2 months. Now another one on top is coming through also. So this is probably the reason he’s not sleeping as well as he was!

Favourite toys: He doesn’t use his walker, play gym, bouncer or any things like that anymore. He just prefers to play on the ground with his toys. His favourite toys right now are his “mega blocks”. He loves banging them together and chewing on them. He’s also started to look at his books and enjoys looking at the pictures.

6 Month Update

Caelum was 6 months old 3 days ago and it seems he has changed a lot in the last month. 

New things learned: He can now hold himself up and look around when he is on his belly. He can roll over. He can pick up things and put them in his mouth, like his soother. His legs are getting stronger and he’s able to move a lot more in his walker. He is trying to crawl but still hasn’t mastered it just yet.

Eating: He has been eating solids since he was 4 months old but now he is eating a bigger variety of foods. I can give him food in his hand, like baby crisps and rice cakes and he will eat them himself without any trouble.

Sleeping: He has always been a great sleeper but now he’s even better. He used to sleep from 6pm to 5/6 am but in the last 2 weeks he is going to sleep at 8 or 9 and waking at 7 or 8 in the morning so he is getting much better. He is also getting better at self soothing at night. He doesn’t sleep much during the day, he naps for 20-30 minutes in the morning and he might have one long nap in the afternoon (30-90 minutes). Some days he may only nap once a day and he can get quite cranky. It is a lot harder to settle him to sleep during the day.

Overall, he’s doing great. Hopefully he will be sitting up and have a tooth or two by next month!