Caelum’s Toddler Bedtime Routine

Caelum has always had a very consistent bedtime routine. I always feel routine is very important in everyone’s life, whether you have children, or you are on your own. I love having a routine.

On this particular evening Caelum was having a very bad day with teething. I was also having a very bad day, dealing with his teething and his tantrums. Looking after a toddler on your own every day is tough enough without the added extra screaming, crying and tantrums. So I decided a bath would give us a both a small break.

bedbath (3 of 12)

bedbath (4 of 12)

As we don’t have a proper bath in our apartment, he sits in this baby bath tub in front of the TV. He loves splashing around to the theme song of Fireman Sam, despite it being the 100th time he’s watched it that day. Whatever keeps him happy. And while he is enjoying himself in the tub, I can get a few minutes of reading in. I usually sit on the couch in front of him and read a book. Very relaxing.

bedbath (10 of 12)

bedbath (8 of 12)

bedbath (9 of 12)

He loves his bath toys, especially his rubber duck and his squeaky bath book!

bedbath (5 of 12)

bedbath (11 of 18)

bedbath (2 of 5)

bedbath (1 of 5)

After about 20 minutes of his bath time fun, I clean him up and wash his hair. This part he doesn’t enjoy as much but it has to be done!

bedbath (12 of 18)

bedbath (10 of 18)

I then take my soaking wet, happy toddler out of the bath and dress him in clean PJs and put on his favourite Spiderman slippers. He really hates getting out of the bath, but who doesn’t?

bedbath (3 of 5)

By this time he was in a much better mood! There was still about an hour left before his usual bed time of 8 pm so he played with his toys for a while. I always try and let him stay up as close as possible to his bed time and ware him out as much as I can beforehand.

He takes out his tub of Mr Potato Head toys and throws them around for a while…

bedbath (14 of 18)

Then he plays his favourite game ever! Push the tractor off the table repeatedly until his mother is driven insane…

bedbath (15 of 18)

Then he reads some of his favourite books…

bedbath (16 of 18)

Now it’s that time of night to wind down with a big bottle of milk and a bedtime story…

bedbath (5 of 5)

bedbath (11 of 12)

Goodnight Moon is his current favourite book for me to read to him at night…

bedbath (4 of 5)

After I have read that once, or maybe twice, he is ready to drift to sleep all snuggled up in his bed.

bedbath (12 of 12)


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