Fairy Trail

On a bank holiday Monday it can get very boring, especially for a toddler, so we decided to go on the Fairy Trail walk in a town near where I live. We went with my parents and younger brothers. fairy walk (19 of 19)

As soon as we got out of the car, and embarked on our magicial fairy trail walk, Caelum decided to go exploring for himself and ran ahead of me.

fairy walk (18 of 19)

Soon enough the running around got the better of him and wanted to be picked up. Of course, when his grandparents are around he doesn’t want me to go near him!

fairy walk (16 of 19)

fairy walk (4 of 19)

We found many fairy doors adorned on all the beautiful trees. Caelum didn’t have much interest in them but his two uncles loved them. It soon became a game of who could find more!

fairy walk (10 of 19)fairy walk (9 of 19)

Once Caelum regained some of his energy again, he begged to be put back down so he could chase his uncles around!

fairy walk (7 of 19)

We got some ice cream afterwards and went home after a nice afternoon of chasing a toddler and counting fairy doors.


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