After a very lazy and relaxing Saturday morning we decided to take another walk in the park. We don’t usually get this much warm weather in Ireland so we need to make the most of it.

He soon found a soccer ball and played with it, kicking it and throwing it, laughing.

hfhgk (1 of 1)

Then he quickly moved towards the swings. He prefers to push and pull out of the swings, rather than swing on them.

park (6 of 8)park (5 of 8)

Of course no trip to the park is complete without a ride (or three) on the seesaw. He squealed with delight as he went up and down. But soon enough he started whining to get off as something else caught his eye.

park (8 of 8)park (1 of 8)

He, very bravely, wanted to attempt to  climb the ladder up to the big slide. As you would expect, he didn’t make it up but he still got to try.

park (2 of 8)

He took a stroll around the park, well, more of a run around while we raced to catch up with him. And after an hour well spent at our favourite place, and with a very happy toddler, we decided to leave.

park (7 of 8)


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