Caelum Loves to Read

IMG_4206-1Ever since Caelum was born I was always reading to him. Well, when I say “reading” to him, I was attempting to read to him. I’d get maybe one page in before he’d scream and throw the book away. He didn’t want to sit still to listen to me read or look at the pictures. But in the last 2 months he has developed a sudden love for books.

He always had a lot of books even when he wasn’t into them. I bought him a few, he got some as gifts and his uncles give him their books from when thIMG_4188-1.jpgey were younger. But since he’s started taking more of an interest in books, I have since bought him many more books and a toddler bookshelf.

He loves the bookshelf because he can see all the bright and colourful books straight away when he walks into his bedroom. He’s able to take them out and put them back in very easily. I got this bookshelf about 3 weeks ago in Aldi for only €30.

His favourite kinds of books are books which have characters from his favourite shows. Like Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse and Toy Story. He also loves the books with sound affects; he has The Gruffallo and Thomas the Tank Engine with sound affects. He also likes the bookIMG_4191-1s the small picture books that teach him numbers, animals and the alphabet.

Hopefully he continues with his love of books as he gets older!



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