Preparing For Christmas


There are still 37 days left til Christmas and I have pretty much finished all my Christmas preparations! I am never usually this organised but this is my first Christmas with my son Caelum, and having a child makes me compelled to be even more organised than usual.

I bought all Caelum’s presents before Halloween which is really early but I wanted to get at least one thing out of the way! And today I finished buying Christmas decorations for our apartment. I have put up all the decorations except for the tree. (I’ll be doing that next week and I will have a post about my Christmas decorations).

I have all but 3 family members’ presents bought. I still have to get my mother, brother and sister something. But I will be finishing my Christmas present shopping in 2 weeks when I go up to Dublin.

I have also planned to make homemade truffles to gift to my extended family members and friends. I think it’s a fun and cheap gift to give and it’s something everyone will love. I am planning on making about 4 different types and I will also be making a post about that in mid December.

Since this is my first Christmas with my son I wanted to start a tradition with him. I have seen a lot of people post about “Christmas Eve Boxes” online and thought it would be great. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a box filled with things like Christmas PJs, chocolate, a DVD, a book and maybe something else small. Caelum will only be turning 1 year old 10 days after Christmas so he won’t understand it this year but I’m hoping he will still get to enjoy his gifts on Christmas Eve. Once I have finished putting together his box I will be making a post about that.

I am so excited for Christmas, especially since it’s my first Christmas with Caelum!

Have you finished preparing for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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