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lost my name

About a month ago I saw an ad on TV for a personalised book for kids so I looked it up on and it was so cute I just had to buy it for my son as a Christmas present. It is recommended for ages 2-5 and my son will be almost 1 at Christmas so he is a bit young for it but he will always have it so it makes no difference to me or him when I buy it. I’m sure he’ll enjoy looking at the pictures.

It came packaged in a cardboard envelope so there won’t be any damage during shipping. It is an A4 landscape paperback book and it is published so beautifully! For a self published book, it’s wonderful. I read through it and the story was great, I can’t wait to read it to my son after Christmas.

On the website when you’re ordering it, you have to give them your child’s name and gender. You then pick a little character which most resembles your child. Each letter of their name is represented by an animal and with certain letters you can choose which animal to use, which I loved!

It is a little pricey at €27 including shipping but it was just so cute, I had to get it and I’m really happy I bought it. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a unique, different personalised gift for someone this Christmas.

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