10 Month Update


New things learned: He can say “mama” on purpose. He gives kisses all the time. He’s able to clap hands and wave. He’s starting to take steps if you hold his hands. He will try to copy anything you do – if I bang on the table he will do it too, if I put something in a bag, he will do it too. He’s still not crawling but he is getting around on his stomach by pushing himself along, like an Army crawl. He’s been doing this for about 2 months so I doubt he will ever crawl properly.

Eating: He’s been eating 3 meals a day for probably the last 3 months so he now only drinks around 3 bottles a day. His favourite foods are potatoes and carrots mashed together with gravy, pasta stars with pasta sauce and Weetabix. He also loves snacking on crisps and biscuits in between meals. He’s now able to drink from a cup so he often drinks juice out of that during the day.

Sleeping: In the last 2 months he’s gone quite backwards with his sleeping patterns. He was sleeping all night and had a set bed time but now it’s a bit all over the place. He could go to bed at 8 and not wake til 8 the next morning and other nights he won’t sleep till 11 and wake at 9. Once he goes to sleep he usually sleeps all night, though. I think it’s due to the fact that he is teething a lot.

Teeth: He has 5, almost 6 teeth now! He has 2 on the bottom since he was 7 months old and 3 came up on top over the last 2 months. Now another one on top is coming through also. So this is probably the reason he’s not sleeping as well as he was!

Favourite toys: He doesn’t use his walker, play gym, bouncer or any things like that anymore. He just prefers to play on the ground with his toys. His favourite toys right now are his “mega blocks”. He loves banging them together and chewing on them. He’s also started to look at his books and enjoys looking at the pictures.


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