What Caelum Eats in a Day


Caelum usually eats the same thing every day for breakfast. Either Wheetabix or Ready Brek but right now his favourite is definitely Wheetabix with hot milk!

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One of Caelum’s favourite things to eat for lunch is scrambled egg and toast! A lot of parents find it hard to get their kids to eat eggs of any kind but Caelum loves eggs, especially scrambled egg. Although I know he might end up hating it when he gets older! I usually give him asparagus with it too but most of the time he will throw that on the floor. He’s not a big fan of vegetables!

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Caelum eats a variety of snack foods. He loves crisps! He would eat bag after bag of crisps if I let him. He also loves chocolate buttons, cereal bars, rice cakes, cookies and breadsticks. But not all of those are very nutritious or healthy which is why I love the new range of snacks for kids by Cow and Gate. They do a variety of fruit and vegetable flavoured snacks which is great to get extra nutrition into your kids. Caelum’s current favourites are the spinach breadsticks and the pear and berrie rice cakes. Caelum snacks a lot between meals which is why I love these so much!

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Caelum loves this cheesey broccoli pasta. We usually have it once a week for dinner. It is just pasta with melted cheese triangles and vegetables. As I said before he’s not a big fan of vegetables (unless they are hidden) but he will eat broccoli. I also put corn in it because he loves corn! He also won’t eat cheese unless so this is a good way to get him to eat more cheese. He loves pasta a lot, he would probably eat a big bowl of plain pasta if I gave it to him.

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Breville Blend Active Review and Recipes

I recently purchased a Breville Blend Active Family Blender and I have been since experimenting with different smoothies and shakes. The best thing about this particular blender is there is no mess because you drink straight from the blender. All you do is switch the blade for a lid. The family set, which is what I got, comes with two 300ml bottles and two 600ml bottles. I thought this set would be handy for me as I have a toddler who hates loud noises! So when he is asleep or not around I can pre-make my smoothies and freeze them to save him the trauma.

These are my top 3 favourite shake and smoothie recipes:

Peanut Butter, banana and chocolate shake

This one really satisfies my sweet cravings and tastes a little bit like a snickers!

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  • 300 ml of skimmed milk (or an unsweetened alternative of your choice)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp of Choc Shot (or add chocolate protein powder to make it more filling)

Mixed berry and kiwi smoothie:

The kiwi in this one really adds something extra to such a classic smoothie choice.

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  • 100 ml of skimmed milk (or an unsweetened alternative of your choice)
  • 100 ml of water
  • 1 tbsp fat free natural yogurt
  • 1 tsp of sweetener
  • 1 ripe banana
  • Handful of frozen mixed berries
  • 1 Kiwi

Ultimate breakfast smoothie

This one tastes so good but is also very nutritious. It contains spinach which is really good for you and it’s the only green I put in my smoothies because you really cannot taste it! The oats in it make it perfect for breakfast because  they keep you fuller for longer.


  • 150ml water
  • 1 ripe banana
  • Handful of oats
  • 1-2 tbsp fat free natural yogurt
  • 1 cup of frozen mixed berries
  • As much spinach as you want

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out some of the recipes.

*This is not sponsored and I was not given the blender to review.

Caelum’s Toddler Bedtime Routine

Caelum has always had a very consistent bedtime routine. I always feel routine is very important in everyone’s life, whether you have children, or you are on your own. I love having a routine.

On this particular evening Caelum was having a very bad day with teething. I was also having a very bad day, dealing with his teething and his tantrums. Looking after a toddler on your own every day is tough enough without the added extra screaming, crying and tantrums. So I decided a bath would give us a both a small break.

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As we don’t have a proper bath in our apartment, he sits in this baby bath tub in front of the TV. He loves splashing around to the theme song of Fireman Sam, despite it being the 100th time he’s watched it that day. Whatever keeps him happy. And while he is enjoying himself in the tub, I can get a few minutes of reading in. I usually sit on the couch in front of him and read a book. Very relaxing.

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He loves his bath toys, especially his rubber duck and his squeaky bath book!

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After about 20 minutes of his bath time fun, I clean him up and wash his hair. This part he doesn’t enjoy as much but it has to be done!

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I then take my soaking wet, happy toddler out of the bath and dress him in clean PJs and put on his favourite Spiderman slippers. He really hates getting out of the bath, but who doesn’t?

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By this time he was in a much better mood! There was still about an hour left before his usual bed time of 8 pm so he played with his toys for a while. I always try and let him stay up as close as possible to his bed time and ware him out as much as I can beforehand.

He takes out his tub of Mr Potato Head toys and throws them around for a while…

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Then he plays his favourite game ever! Push the tractor off the table repeatedly until his mother is driven insane…

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Then he reads some of his favourite books…

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Now it’s that time of night to wind down with a big bottle of milk and a bedtime story…

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Goodnight Moon is his current favourite book for me to read to him at night…

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After I have read that once, or maybe twice, he is ready to drift to sleep all snuggled up in his bed.

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Fairy Trail

On a bank holiday Monday it can get very boring, especially for a toddler, so we decided to go on the Fairy Trail walk in a town near where I live. We went with my parents and younger brothers. fairy walk (19 of 19)

As soon as we got out of the car, and embarked on our magicial fairy trail walk, Caelum decided to go exploring for himself and ran ahead of me.

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Soon enough the running around got the better of him and wanted to be picked up. Of course, when his grandparents are around he doesn’t want me to go near him!

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We found many fairy doors adorned on all the beautiful trees. Caelum didn’t have much interest in them but his two uncles loved them. It soon became a game of who could find more!

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Once Caelum regained some of his energy again, he begged to be put back down so he could chase his uncles around!

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We got some ice cream afterwards and went home after a nice afternoon of chasing a toddler and counting fairy doors.


After a very lazy and relaxing Saturday morning we decided to take another walk in the park. We don’t usually get this much warm weather in Ireland so we need to make the most of it.

He soon found a soccer ball and played with it, kicking it and throwing it, laughing.

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Then he quickly moved towards the swings. He prefers to push and pull out of the swings, rather than swing on them.

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Of course no trip to the park is complete without a ride (or three) on the seesaw. He squealed with delight as he went up and down. But soon enough he started whining to get off as something else caught his eye.

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He, very bravely, wanted to attempt to  climb the ladder up to the big slide. As you would expect, he didn’t make it up but he still got to try.

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He took a stroll around the park, well, more of a run around while we raced to catch up with him. And after an hour well spent at our favourite place, and with a very happy toddler, we decided to leave.

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Morning at the Park

We woke up this morning at 8am. It was still really warm and sunny out so after we had our breakfast and tidied up the house we walked to the park.


Usually when we go to the Park there’s just us there because we go on week days early in the morning when all the kids would be in school. Caelum is usually very shy when there’s other kids around. However today when we went there was a big school group there. Surprisingly he still played and didn’t mind the other kids.


The playground things aren’t very suitable for Caelum’s age but there’s a lot of space to run around and play which is what he prefers to do.


After about 40 minutes of playing (and me chasing him around), we decided to leave and he wasn’t too happy about that. Now that he’s getting more comfortable being around other kids it will be a lot easier to take him to the park and other places when all the kids are on their summer holidays.